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Crafting Unique Spaces to Transform Your House into Your HOME 


Is your home a little dated, confused or stuck in transition between Tuscan and Mid Century Modern? Do you suffer from seperation anxiety when trying to part with   one too many tchotchkies? Are you in need of direction or organizational skills? Can't make up your mind about wall color,   furniture selection, and accessories? Don't have the time or perhaps the desire to shop for all the above and put the puzzle together yourself?  Well, I do! I love all these things.  Walking into all the above, playing designer/contractor, and leaving your home a warm, inviting place where you will want to spend time, is my greatest joy and goal! 


ROOM REHAB INTERIORS is my passion as well as my business. Since graduating from college over thirty years ago, I've been a self employed interior finish contractor, expanding into interior design as time and experience allowed. I've worked with all types of finishes that were popular over the years, including wallpaper, faux, stenciling, lettering, and  distressing.  I specialize in refurbishing older outdated wood kitchen cabinets and furnishings. I am based in Boise, Idaho but my work load often expands into southern California and central Oregon.  I truly love my job.  I make it fun, because it is!  I like to shop locally if possible, up cycle and repurpose  some items if I can. I do well with tight budgets.  I don't believe good design needs to  be outrageously expensive to achieve or snooty.



First, I was raised and cursed with the perfectionist gene on my father's side!  Every detail has to be as near perfect as I can be. I do all my own work which includes wall repair, painting and most small detours we may encounter  along the way. If I can't tackle it, I'll refer someone who can. I also work with a carpenter that can repair or build just about anything we may need.


The bottom line....I'm easy to work with, and will listen to your concerns. I'm a very down to earth gal who loves working with her hands and pleasing those that I work for. I like to shop frugally, unless you give me a blank check, then all bets are off! All kidding aside, I will work within the means that you provide or dictate. I believe I am quite affordable compared to many in my profession.  I love before and happily ever after photos. They really show some of the effort and hard work that goes into each job. I hope I get that chance with you. 



To make sure, you the clients, are happy with the end result. If you want someone you can trust to do it right the first time, I'm the one. If you want someone you can depend on, is honest and can think for herself, then I'm the one. It starts with a phone call.       


On a personal note, a little about myself. I  called Southern CA my home for over thirty years and now beautiful Idaho, over ten.  I have three wonderful grown sons who reside in CA and two goofy dogs that make me laugh every single day!  I enjoy riding my Harley with a great group of girlfriends, traveling, and camping in the great outdoors. Above all these things, music (blues!) cooking, and entertaining, are my three passions. Something to make you laugh....when I travel, I have spices in my car so if I cook for friends and family, I'm good to go!  Remember, be yourself, everyone else is taken!    

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my web site.  


Review. Redo. Renew. Taking on life, one room at a time.  CC